What if you're spiritually connected to the brothers around you? Not just socially or soulishly connected through the mind, will and emotions, but intertwined in their spiritual battle?
What if when you prayed, demonic attack in other people's lives was beaten back? What if when you made the choice not to look at porn today, one of the other brothers felt his desire to do so, just go away? What if when you fasted and prayed and felt nothing, its because it wasn't for you, and somebody else around you received a breakthrough? What if your choice not to have a beer today was the difference in one of the brothers breaking his sobriety or not today? What if your moment of reflection and reading the Word was the difference in another brother not struggling in his marriage today?
What if it were true that there were demonic forces, powerful demonic forces arrayed in battle against you and those you know? What if in this unseen fight, there were unseen connections between you and the men of God around you? What if you dropping the ball in your spiritual walk meant that suddenly a breach in the wall occurred, and others paid the price for it?
What if you were some sort of spiritual machine gunner, and when your automatic weapons fell silent, those holding a line around you took the brunt of the attack?
What if someone you know and love is silently struggling right now, and falling to your knees right now in intercession was the plan of God for the success in their battle?
July 02, 2014 — James Johnson

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