What is Disciple, and how do I become one?

At Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club, we hear from men that are tired of sitting on the Spiritual sidelines. Christian men that want to further their walk with God, love motorcycles and have a heart for the biker community.

Our calling is simple: we are here to disciple men to have a daily word and prayer time and to support the one percent world with prayer. That means to be closer to God, having brothers who help you get there, and having a unique ability to speak into the lives men in the old school motorcycle clubs.


'Patching over' is an MC culture term for leaving your organization, turning in your colors to them with respect, and joining another organization. Like any true motorcycle club, we do not do patch for patch. Even if you have many years in MC culture, you need to learn the Disciple way. However the process for joining can be significantly shortened.


Men who inquire about how to join DCMC, are looking for a specific environment of Christian accountability and also a strong brotherhood, that only a Motorcycle Club which follows the Old School traditions, can offer them. Here are some
things we hear:

  1. I want to be in a true international MC motorcycle club. That means I earn my patch, nothing is given to me, I don't just pay for it online. I'm looking for Brotherhood, where I know the men around me are committed to me. I want a Brotherhood that rides side by side, handlebar to handlebar in a big tight pack, moving as a unit, organized, effective and safe because it teaches its men how to ride in MC style.
  2. I'm looking for accountability, strong men of God around me who will push me to be a better man, husband and father. I want unified men who are going to teach me to have a daily word and prayer time, and be there for me when I fall, instead of being judgemental and walking away. I want hard core committed motorcycle men of God around me.
  3. I have a heart for the one percent world. I don’t want a social group where men are not committed to a Mission and are not willing to invest time and miles into the brotherhood. I want to be in 1% percent Club Houses, building brotherhood, interceding in prayer for brothers that are struggling and sharing my Faith.
  4. I struggle with addiction, whether its alcohol, drugs, food, porn. I'm looking for a group of men who are organized in the fight to keep me clean and sober, and that's what the Disciple 43 Nazarite initiative is, the nationwide, statewide and chapter level group of clean and sober men available to help me.
  5. I want a strong large national leadership team that's available to me anytime, I can pick up the phone and call them and get a response. I want to know that they effectively handle the 'politics' on a national level with all the major clubs. I want clearly written bylaws that are consistently enforced across the organization.
  6. I want resources. I want club rings, shirts, hoodies, hats, key rings, I want to show my colors and look good doing it. I want to know that anywhere I go, I have a place to stay, & a motorcycle to ride if one is available. I want to know that if need be, national leadership will be on the next flight out to assist me.
  7. I hate the word mandatory. It goes God, family, work, club, in that order. I need to earn the votes of the bros in my charter, but if I can't make the National run, so be it. And if I can, I get to sit back and watch packs of Bros from different states rolling in, giving me a hug, slapping me on the back, glad to see me. It's good to have brothers.
  8. Dang that patch looks good! I want my colors to look good. I want a patch that was thoughtfully designed. Where everybody across the country wears it the same.


Are you interested in joining a Global Christian Motorcycle Club, or starting a new Charter? Its rewarding, but it takes time, and you will need patience. Its awesome to ride in a pack with the brothers, but you don't just hang a patch on your back and call your self a club. Its a process, and you need to do it right, there are still plenty of clubs out there that will teach you a violent lesson about how not to do it, and we are not going to go too fast, or have you be disrespectful for how you went about it. There is a process to joining Disciple, it will take you months, here are some initial steps!

  1. Check out the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club page on Facebook, and "like" it.
  2. Send our founder a friend request on facebook to James Disciple Johnson.
  3. Start spreading the word about Disciple, you will need more than one guy to start a charter.
  4. Stay in regular contact with us so you can begin walking out the process.

Here is the initial stage to joining:


Get in contact with Disciples, read the website, start sharing the website with others, find some other Christian riders who might be interested in joining, go the the facebook page and check out the Disciple store, buy a t shirt and support patch, buy a gray bandana, begin wearing these when you are out and about, for at least one month. That's AT LEAST. And it might take far longer if you aren't very engaged in the club. So please don't call us 30 days after liking our page on facebook and buying a shirt online, wanting to know where your patches are. You get out what you put in.
DON'T go contacting local clubs, don't be telling local clubs you are "starting an MC", "starting a new charter". Say you are supporting Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club. Don't post up pictures of our patches.
Focus on building brotherhood with like minded Christian men.


Add the "GOD IS GREAT" and "888" patches to the front of the cut. Read the bylaws, and make sure you are in agreement with them. Get in contact with local clubs, and let them know what God is doing. Share pictures of our patch with them. At least a month, and of course it's based on your level of participation, so it can be longer. 


Add the "PROSPECT" patches to the front and back of your cut. Show by your lifestyle that you are spreading the Word!


All new prospective charters start out on probation for a year.


You cannot just sew a three piece patch MC to the back of your cut without showing respect to the old school traditions. Well you can, but I wouldn’t want you to disrespect the culture we want to build brotherhood in. If you want to go to this level, get through the ones above first! At some point you will need recognition in the local biker community so that they know who you are, and you know who they are. It takes time, but its totally worth it!


If that’s what you’re looking for, we always ask that you prayerfully seek God’s guidance first. If you would like more information on how to join Disciple, visit our contact and use the map to locate and get in touch with the Regional Point of Contact nearest to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

James Disciple Johnson
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club