Leading from the back

Leading from the back

I’ve arrived at the point in life where I lead from the back. I’ve been the guy in the front, literally carrying the flag, for a long time. Decades. I’ve...

Don't be a Dick

If a new supporter walks into the room and shakes the hand with the nearest guy to the door, don't rudely point him at me. If he's new supporter, he's...
September 29, 2021 — Disciple Christian MC

This is a Motorcycle Club

This is a Motorcycle Club. This is not just a brotherhood, its a corporation too. You have to sign a dotted line. You don't take your place, you earn it,...
September 29, 2021 — Disciple Christian MC

Two by Two: Trust a Brother Till You Can't.

There are many Scriptures that talk about the 'two by two' concept. That you can go out with another man to minister, because when one falls, the other can pick him up. That's wisdom. Especially if for instance you know you have a drinking problem, and you're going to be exposed to temptation to drink, use that wisdom. Building boundaries by having another brother with you to keep you accountable...

December 18, 2016 — James Johnson

Road Names in a Motorcycle Club

Posted by Disciple P-Nut
Natl Road Captain
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Road names:

Let’s talk about them for a second. What is a road name? It is a moniker bestowed on someone as a reminder of an event or trait that was impactful and meaningful whether funny, serious or otherwise.

Road names are bestowed by your brothers and throughout club history there will be road names that come and some...

December 11, 2016 — James Johnson

Honor and Gallentry

Gallantry. Honor. Have these words lost their meaning? I was raised in the South, I was given history books with pictures like these. They bring back the gentle charm of Charleston and Savannah, in times long past, and also in times like today, where Southern things are a bit different than the rest of the fast-paced world. I was taught by Daddy that honor meant saying yes ma'am to a woman,...

August 14, 2016 — James Johnson

What is DCMC?

Prospect Mark Leibold
Redemption Crew

When I joined DCMC I had some thoughts.Wouldn't it be cool to be different than everyone else that I know.Out there riding with colors on my back.  A bonifide sticker.Showing the world that I am about something.  I am going to be someone.  Something.  Different.  This is going to be fun.  It's exciting and cool and shiny. 

I've seen a few things...

July 14, 2016 — James Johnson

Club Peaks & Valleys

From: Disciple Kickstand
Setman 43 Roughneck Crew

Read Ecclesiastes 4:8-10

Breaks my heart to see people losing sight of the mission. I've noticed that when I hear or see individuals express disillusionment with the club and it's purpose, it's because that individual "can't see the forest for the tree in front of them". The current problems or feelings about the club get in the way of seeing what God...

July 11, 2016 — James Johnson

My Man's Joining Disciple , What Do I Do?

Ladies, the first thing you need to know is that this is a Christian organization, and God has ordained the family. We want you to be involved! We are proud to have a Epic Marriage Ministry, and a Fatherhood Ministry. So what are you, the new chick on the block, supposed to do, and not do? When are you welcome to attend with him? How can you get involved in this radical new direction in your mans...

July 08, 2016 — Disciple Rubble

It's Not Man's, it's Gods

"It's the men's club!"

This statement originated from someone who's not even in the club, and it has begun making the rounds in the club. I disagree. I think it's terrible statement. This is God's Club. The reason we've had the success we've had, is that we toil diligently to not be the ones making the decisions, to not be running this club according to our own personal whim. We place things on the...

July 06, 2016 — James Johnson

The Sharpening of the Brothers

I'm going to speak allegorically for a while because I believe y'all can handle it. My job in the Kingdom requires that I carry a sword, a shining sword that reflects the sunlight like a mirror. It is a large and heavy sword, it's difficult to wield, and it's a real pain to carry. But when I heft it properly it's an incredibly dangerous weapon in the Kingdom. I think of it as a Scottish Claymore,...

June 17, 2016 — James Johnson

Wait, Fasting is Secret! Why are You Talking About It?

When I teach on fasting and the changes its brought in my life, invariably someone points out Matt 6:1 "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven", and suggests that fasting must never be mentioned.

But I imagine when the Israelites in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament called...

June 06, 2016 — James Johnson