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    News — MC

    This is a Motorcycle Club

    This is a Motorcycle Club.

    This is not just a brotherhood, its a corporation too. You have to sign a dotted line. You don't take your place, you earn it, by bringing something to the table. Under no circumstances will you just be patched right up, and if it takes a year, then so be it. We are not excited that you are here, we are cautiously optimistic that you will learn club ways, and will not get yourself shot by your local 1%er, and bring a bad cloud over the ministry.

    We expect you to demonstrate over a period of time that you understand brotherhood, and that your opinion may be subject to your brothers. We expect maturity, not just cutting off your patch and going to some other club because you're offended at a brother. That's weakness, and we will weed you out rather than patch you up, out of respect for the real brothers.

    We expect you to reach out to the 1%, and all bikers, to reach out to your brother's, to know them, across the country. You are not here to wear a patch and look cool, you are here to forward the unique ministry that God has given us, to be under the mission. Submission. And if you do, people will get saved, lives will be changed, and you will enter a place that many have prospected for, and failed.

    You will earn the name DISCIPLE! Give it time, and enjoy the journey. We are building something REAL and LASTING. It will be neither easy or quick, nor will it always be fun.

    There will be trials, but there will be rewards.

    GOD IS GREAT 888

    James Johnson
    Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club


    To join Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club, a member must sponsor you. Their job is to check you out, get a feel for you, make sure you are legit, answer your questions, and help you through the process of joining the club. In Disciple, we call that person your ma, and its always a tighter bond formed between a ma and their son in the club. You will be assigned a ma by the club by the...

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    Too many have gotten it into their heads that inviting Christ into their hearts is the end of the Christian walk, that once they walk the aisle, say the prayer and get dunked in the baptismal, its all over, and they should go back to living exactly how they were before.

    But the opposite is the case. Getting saved is the BEGINNING of the Christian walk.
    Now comes the part about sanctification, being...

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    Not Taking Offense

    Christian Biker

    In the biker world its all about respect. What did you say to me!? Do you know who I am!? You can say the wrong thing to the wrong guy and end up in a lot of hot water. In the Christian biker world, it isn't much different. I wont go into details, but suffice it to say that in some states, no Christian club can wear an MC patch, because of what some guy did years ago that another club took as...

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    Brotherhood, and Compromise

    The first and overriding principal of a motorcycle club is Brotherhood. Consider the bros. Include the bros. As president of the club, I can make any decision I want. But if I do not consider the bros, then they lose respect for me. To some extent, we are subject to the brotherhood, and must always consider the feelings and input of the bros when we make decisions, especially as it relates to the...

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    Talking Like Paul

    Imagine if we all talked like Paul. Imagine if instead of 'Hey,  whats up?' we said 'Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.' Paul was a powerful man of God, and he spoke like it. 

    In these last days we are living in, speech is primarily negative. We spend a lot of time making fun of each other, and the Bible says this is how we 'grieve the Holy Spirit of God'. A...

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