Did you know the word "Piss" is in the Bible? This is the easiest way to win a bet, because most people don't know. The context of its use is in a warrior selecing a certain group of people, and you can find it in the King James Version, in 1 Samuel 25. Its used by David, who throughout the Bible proves repeatedly that he is a rough warrior, with a keen eye for chosing the men he allowed around him. 

In 2 Samuel 23, you can read about the Mighty Men of David. Hand picked men, selected by David. David's Mighty Warriors (also known as David's Mighty Men or the Gibborim) are a group of warriors singled out by name in the Books of Samuel. The text (2 Samuel 23:8-39) divides them into the "Three", of which there are three, and "Thirty", of which there are more than thirty. The text explicitly refers to The Three and The Thirty as if they were both important entities, rather than just an arbitrary list of three or 30-plus significant men.

The reason these men were selected, was because of their actions, clearly spelled out in Samuel. Actions that were above and beyond the actions of the men around them. These men did things that made the Bible pause, call them out by name, and chronical their capabilities. This is key for you in your life as you select the men around you, and key for a motorcycle club, as it selects the men that it allows to earn the patch. Not all men acheive the the same things in their lives, or demonstrate the characteristics that you need around you. Having proven Mighty Men of Valor around you is a key to success in your walk, and in having a strong Christian (or even non-Christian) motorcycle club.

Some Biblical accounts put the number of soldiers under David's control at over a million. Yet only Thirty were given the title of David's Mighty Men, and out of that, there were Three who stood out. In other words, there were many brothers, many warriors around David, but only some that earned a place close to David. The Bible does not give us clarity on how David chose these men, so lets look at some ways that Biblical characters have chosen the men they allowed around them. Lets call it Revelation, Reccomendation and Observation

Revelation from God
Gideon faces a battle where he has 32,000 soldiers, in Judges 7. We face a daily battle called life where we have many friends, acquaintences, bros and folks who call themselves Christians. In the Bible, God reveals to Gideon that he only wants 300, or about 1% of the men to accompany Gideon into battle. I suggest to you that if we were to allow God to pick through our 'Friends' to find the ones that will bring us closest to Kingdom Destiny, perhaps only 1% would make it. God uses a number of tests for Gideon, the first test is if anyone is scared, ok they can leave, and more than two thirds of the men leave. In a motorcycle club, if you are afraid of the tough biker men you will witness to, or are unable to ennunciate your witness to them because you are intimidated, well, you can learn or you can leave. Then God uses a second more unusual test for Gideon, how the men drink water. Those that drink it in a cautious and manly fashion can stay, the rest can leave, and only 300 men are left. See, in a motorcycle club, you need cautious manly men, and during the prospecting phase, as the man is earning his patch, the Brothers have a chance to understand the character of the prospect, and whether he is fit for the unique battle that God has charged Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club with. In Luke 6:12-19, Jesus spends the night praying, and in the morning calls his Disciples to him, and selects only 12 of them to be Apostles. In the same way, our club prays that God will reveal to us the right men to assist us on our mission.

Reccomendation from Other Men
In Acts 6, the Apostles called all the disciples together and said, “Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom", and these were the men who were chosen to lead the group of believers. In the same way, the Brothers in a motorcycle club vote, choose and elect who will lead them, and appoint a President, VP, Road Captain, Sgt at Arms, each who has tasks to perform. As well, the brothers vote on whether a prospect meets the needs of the club or not. They comment to each other on whether the prospect has all the qualities needed for the club, and what the prospect needs to work on. Each brother may have something unique to teach the prospect, and it is a club function to ensure the prospect learns what he needs to learn. Without a reccomendation from a man in the club, the brothers will not allow a new person to prospect, and without a vote from ALL the brothers, the prospect will not receive his full patch. 

Observation on Your Own.
In 1 Timothy 5:22, Paul tells Timothy "Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands". This refers to the ordination of men for ministry. In any case where a man must be ordained or checked carefully to ensure he meets the requirements for ministry, there is time taken with prayful consideration. Pastors are not just put in the pulpit without training, consideration or observation by other men. Apostles were not chosen at random by Jesus, He observed them, He prayed over the decision. The Elders in acts were not chosed at random, they were men of observed character for the position.  In the same way, a motorcycle club must observe and consider the actions of each prospective member to ensure he meets the goals of the club. A club like Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club needs men who can minister to rough and tumble independent strong men, even 1%ers. This is why there is such a careful and timely process for inducting new members. A time for each man to prove he is interested in this unique ministry opportunity.

In conclusion, take time choosing your friends. Follow a Biblical model. Dont just run with random people, unless you want random results. Carefully selecing and vetting your Brothers will lead you to Kingdom results that further your destiny.


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