By Prospect Shawn

There is a lot said about brotherhood in the Bible. We see many examples of the right aspects of brotherhood, as well as the wrong. It has been said that a real gift is something that money can't buy, and death can't steal. When it comes to brotherhood, nothing can take it away from you. 

One thing that I love to ponder about Disciple Christian Motorcycle club is that death can't steal the brotherhood that we have. Death can only temporarily separate us until we are united once again in heaven. 

I believe there is no greater way to carry out the mission that Christ left for us to do, than being a part of this brotherhood. Jesus made a point out of reaching the unreachable, by loving the unlovable, teaching the unteachable. 

For so long the biker world we live in was counted as dark water when it comes to Christians. The main thing I love about Disciple CMC is the realness of it. Disciple CMC shows the respect and love Christ would expect for His children, while following the biker protocols and reaching out to other clubs. There is nothing that is off limits when it comes to the lengths Disciple CMC will go to make sure that the community we serve sees the light and love of Jesus Christ. 

God, help us to continue to reach Our brothers with the message that you have for them. No matter what colors they wear, or past consumes them. Help us to show by the way we live and ride that we care, AMEN!

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