The first and overriding principal of a motorcycle club is Brotherhood. Consider the bros. Include the bros. As president of the club, I can make any decision I want. But if I do not consider the bros, then they lose respect for me. To some extent, we are subject to the brotherhood, and must always consider the feelings and input of the bros when we make decisions, especially as it relates to the club, the money, and the things the club does.

In a club there are many viewpoints. If I make decisions without the brothers, I disrespect them. In the end, I am the president, and I make the decisions. But I ask for the input of the bros, because I respect them. By doing this, I show that I value them, that they have earned my respect. This is the mark of any leader. Leaders are expected to make tough calls and hard decisions. But to do so, leaders must seek wise counsel, consider and weigh all the options, before laying out the best course. Unilateral leaders may find that in the end, no one is following them.

Knowing, and acting on the needs and wants of others is key to brotherhood. Our society directs us to 'look out for number one', that our happiness is the most important thing. But selfishness is not honorable. If I can do good for myself, I must also stop and ask, can I do the same good for my brothers? Would it be right for me to hold on to all the gifts I have, and use them only for myself, without ever blessing my brothers through my gifts? How do I spread the love, and consider my brother before myself?

In the end many clubs are split up by selfish brothers. If anyone challenges them, they cannot admit their faults. Disagreements will happen. That's why there are club meetings, voting, and in the end, the ultimate decision lies with the president. How we resolve conflict is the key to brotherhood. How we can accept our brothers even when we disagree over things, that is the key to brotherhood.

Proverbs 17 says a brother is born for adversity. Sometimes they help you face it, sometimes they are the cause of it. But in the end, its all about the brotherhood. If you can face adversity and disagreements among your brothers, see their viewpoint, accept them, and compromise where needed, you are on the path to brotherhood!

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