Here is what i will tell you man. Its about Jesus. Not how many 1%ers one might know, not about what rag one might wear. Its about Jesus. Its not about if its a one piece patch or a three. Its about Jesus. Its not if one might have an MC or an MM, Its about Jesus.

When i came to realize that, i surrendered my fight to be cool. Later, Jesus gave me what the desire of my heart is. Its not the patch that makes the man, its the man that make the patch. And its Jesus that makes the man. Thats why it really doesn't matter what i wear on my back, but i choose to wear the Cross of Christ, and He handles the rest. Its about Jesus.

By showing my submission, i show my strength. He is my strength. the goal is to glorify Jesus, not Me.

What Ive sometimes heard in men's comments is that 'They' are the man. An alpha male. its about respect, and who they know. That the patch is more important to them, that you must be seen in a 'cool' patch, or whatever. That they wore 3pc patch before and they are jolly well not going to wear a one piece, whether it carries the Cross of Christ or not. Its all about their experience and how 'hard' they are. I challenge that. Its about Jesus.

By showing my submission, i show my strength.

I'm a hardcore former Enforcer who lived the 1% lifestyle, with active participation in the 90s motorcycle club wars under my belt. I still to this day legally carry a gun. But its not about that. I'm nothing. Im a vessel. It ain't about who i know, its about how i can serve. Its about how i can minister. Its about Jesus.

By showing my submission, i show my strength.

I wish these guys the best man, and God bless them. Read the Holy Bible and focus on the Man, Jesus. thats all i can tell you man. Jesus can help you not be disrespectful, to minister grace to the hearer, and not worry about 'who you are'. Jesus can help you find whatever you are looking for. Its all about Jesus

I can tell one thing, we are looking for the spirit of a servant. We are looking for ministers on motorcycles. Ready at any time to stand in the gap. Ready to counsel those with one hand on the Jacky Daneils, the other with a pistol in their mouth. Ready at any time to prophesy into the lives of those God has put before us. Ready at any time to hear confession, and pray forgiveness with the chief of sinners. Ready to administer the Holy Communion with those who no longer feel they can step into church. Ready at any time to hold Church in a bar, and preach the gospel to the needy. Ready at any time to grab a man and pray with him, even in public. These are the requirements of a Disciple. The meek shall inherit the earth. The last shall be first, and the alpha males shall be last.

Its not the patch that makes the man.

Its about Jesus.

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