To join Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club, a member must sponsor you. Their job is to check you out, get a feel for you, make sure you are legit, answer your questions, and help you through the process of joining the club. In Disciple, we call that person your ma, and its always a tighter bond formed between a ma and their son in the club. You will be assigned a ma by the club by the time you reach the hangaround stage.

Call your ma once a week. Texting or a facebook message is not the same thing. If you call, leave a message. Your ma is trying to keep you in communication, make sure they are there to handle any problems, issues or questions you have, and teach you the Disciple way. The only way that can happen is if you are following through with your ma. For every week you miss calling your ma as a prospect, you get an additional week of prospect time.  Do what your ma suggests, even it you don’t understand it.

1.       Keep out the bad seed:  weed out people who aren’t right for Disciple. That may mean they just want a patch but don’t want brotherhood, drug users, cops, folks who don’t understand or want the commitment etc.
2.       Water the good seed:  Bring your sons into the club. Call them, reach out to them, nurture their interest. Teach them to call you. Don’t just expect that supporters are going to call you because you posted your number on facebook. Dont be lazy, bossy and demanding. By the time someone is a prospect they should understand the concept of calling their ma, but don’t expect every brand new supporter to get it. While we have to be hard on some prospects, many men are experienced and serious enough that they don’t need that treatment and will be turned away by being unnecessarily pushed.  You need to reach out to them and SHOW brother hood to teach them brotherhood.
3.       Teach you the Disciple way: Teach MC Culture, make sure they understand what kinds of pics to post or not post, what kinds of things to say and not say, how to introduce themselves, and the hierarchy of the club. Make sure they know the rules and what to expect.

4.       Bring your sons up for a vote to be a hangaround, prospect or full patch when their time is up, or when you feel they are ready. If it needs to be longer then you are the one that decides that.

A ma should never be the closest bro to somebody who's coming on board. If you bring your buddy to the club, you should not be his ma. 

Same goes for  the only full patch in the area. An example would be our new full patch in Maryland, as he brings other guys on board, he should not be their ma.

Remember the ma is there to bounce issues off of. If you are the set man, the only full patch in the area, and the ma, then if there's any conflict between you and that new guy coming up, he doesn't have someone else to go to.

The idea of the ma is that it's somebody who's geographically nearby. But he isn't necessarily going to see you everyday, or be your closest bro. A ma is a confidant, someone to go to when there are issues. This gives a series of checks and balances for conflict in the club between bros.

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