Are you looking for a Christian Motorcycle Club in North Carolina? Are you looking for a legit MC, who respects the Old School traditions established by the 1% world, but in a way that is centered on Christ and Biblical brotherhood? Look no further, you have found Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club! We call that mix of Christ and Old School 1%MC tradition the 2% lifestyle. 

I was told once that a Christian research association did a study and found that only 2% of people who call themselves Christian, actually preach the Word. Well, we do more than preach it. We carry it forward into our lives, the lives of our brothers, and the lives of the bikers God brings into our path. Disciples show Love and Respect to all people, hold each other accountable to Biblical principals, and reach the motorcycle world for Jesus. 

Disciples also believe that to be in a true MC, you must hang around the brothers, show that you sustain participation in the club over a period of time by being a Prospect, and that you earn your patches from your brothers one at a time as you come to love and respect them. 

If you ride to live, live for Jesus, and want brothers that think like you, look up the South Carolina Christian Motorcycle Club you can ride with. With members from Asheville to the  East Coast of North Carolina, we are the Tarheel 43 Charter!  

You can also reach our members in the South Carolina Cottontown Charter, California Charter, Texas Charter, and Oklahoma Charter by clicking on the links. 

Seek and Save that which is lost, Destroy the works of the devil, and Live the Abundant life, Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club!
March 16, 2013 — James Johnson

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