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    News — Biblical Prosperity


    1. A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER: This is an MC for men, and one thing I CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE, WHEN YOU ADD A WOMAN IN THE PATCH, YOU DONT HAVE A BROTHERHOOD ANYMORE, I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT IT IS NOT A BROTHERHOOD!! WE love the ladies, we involve them, there is an awesome SUPPORT DISCIPLE back patch for them but the brothers run the club by how the Brothers Vote. And I am the...

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    The Psalm 112 Contract

    Psalm 112 describes a righteous man and gives Gods earthly promise for a righteous man. Just like any contract, the things God promises come with some caveats. If you want to see these benefits, then you have to live up to your part of the contract. When people look at what the Bible says, they assume that if those benefits are not happening in their lives, then the Bible...

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    Biblical Prosperity

    Let me start with a blanket statement: If you are not a Christian, seeking Gods will daily through Bible study and prayer, abiding in Him, serving Him, and living a  righteous life of forgiveness, stop reading now, because that is who this is for, the prerequisite for even understanding this!

    Are you financially blessed by God per Dt 8:18, that you can pay all your bills, tithe, give offerings, and...

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