If a new supporter walks into the room and shakes the hand with the nearest guy to the door, don't rudely point him at me.
If he's new supporter, he's not going to know to find the senior guy. And if he's not a brand-new supporter, you're the one that failed to teach him to do that in the first place. No point in being a dick, and making him go from being excited and happy to be there, to feeling like an idiot walking around trying to figure out who's in charge.
I recently watched a one percenter teach one of you this lesson. He came up in his own Clubhouse, reached out to shake some Disciples hand, and they didn't shake his hand, instead they pointed to me and told him that 'you probably want to talk to him first'. The one percenter politely informed them that he'll talk to whoever the fuck he wants first, it's his Clubhouse. And then made a point of shaking the disciples hand first that said it, before me. While winking at me.
Don't be a dick. Don't take all the joy out of some supporters first interaction with Disciple. By Prospect, maybe that's something you should do. But the next time I see one of you steal a new supporters joy that way, I'm going to make a point about it. My brother is not always right. That's how people get shot, with that kind of thinking.
If you were taught to be a dick to people like that, you were probably taught by somebody who's not in the club anymore. Who had an over reaching self-important opinion of who they were. They're not here anymore, ignore what they taught you. They were wrong. They didn't know what the hell they were talking about that's why they're not in the club anymore. Hope I've made that clear, reach out to me if I didn't. But call your ma first.
James Johnson
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club
September 29, 2021 — Disciple Christian MC

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