Our full patches need to get moving,  and we need to continue to motivate them periodically going forward. Full patches often get lazy once they earn it, and forget to mentor the new generation. We must reach out.  We must SHOW brotherhood. We must make sure the new charters are not rotting from the inside out with complaining, political infighting, patching up guys who don't deserve it etc. We need to build support and respect for national, for leadership,  and for our process.  I need each of us to take responsibility for periodically pushing these calls. 

When you call a bro to check in on him spiritually here are some things to discuss. 

1. How are you doing on the Four Legs Blog? Have you read it and followed all the links? Do you know how to find it? (google: Disciple CMC four legs) 

2. What are you reading in the Word? What is God saying to you out of it? If they don't understand it, what translation are they using? Are they asking the Spirit to open the Word to them during reading? Did they confess hidden sin before reading? 

3. Are they listening to worship music? Not secular, not Christian rock,  not praise and worship,  but worship music? Do they understand what worship music is? Do they understand the destructive power of the lyrics and spirits behind secular music? Do they take some time to center themselves, meditate and worship daily? 

4. What is their fasting schedule? Do they understand fasting? Have they read the blogs and watched the videos linked to the Four Legs post? Do they know that fasting is scriptural,  and for today? Are they fasting daily or weekly,  even if it's just a meal? Do they know of other kinds of fasting like skipping media etc? Do they understand how fasting crucified the flesh,  and ties into overcoming addiction, depression and unforgiveness? 

5. Are they sowing their time,  talent and treasure into the kingdom of God? Are they serving in their church? Do they tithe 10% (Mal 3), give offerings (Cor 9), gifts to the man of God (Phil 4) or alms/gifts to the poor?  

6. What is God trying to change about them right now through the Four Questions? 

7. Who in the club is mentoring them on a regular basis? What six guys are they mentoring using the questions above? How are they working to build brotherhood across state lines,  across the country? 

8. What process are they working,  to get approved in their area? Have they already built the brotherhood with guys in their area? 

9. Do they have a page,  MA,  and conference call?

10. What issues,  concerns are comments or political issues do they have within their charter? 

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

June 15, 2015 — James Johnson

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