I'd like the entire Disciple Nation to do this spiritual workout this week together,  just as we did the 10 day fast together earlier this year. I want us all to experience practicing the presence of God together. Here's what I'd like to see us do everyday this week, a couple times a day if you can:

1. Get somewhere quiet and open the Revelation song on headphones or speaker. Let it play through a few times. Here's a link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rGgX_oqdib4

2. While it plays, lay facedown on the floor before God.  This is position of humility and submission. Quiet your thoughts and just let the music wash over you. 

3. If thoughts come,  just pray. Ask for forgiveness of sins. Ask God to cleanse you, mold your heart,  restore your soul (Psalm23). Ask for the presence of God to fall on you. 

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to burn impurities off you,  to make you more like the image of Christ. 

5. Finally,  just worship Him. See yourself in heaven before His throne. Just let His love flood through you. 

6. As you get it,  begin to then do it with your spouse. 

Why this song? It's not just another nice song.  It's written by God.  The Words are lifted directly from Scriptures. It's what the Angels say before the throne of God.  Singing along adds you to the chorus in heaven, and brings you into a worshipful place. This exercise is about going from hearing or reading about God, to actually experiencing His presence. It's about learning the discipline of entering into worship,  entering into the spiritual realm in a tangible and real way. Doing so makes us more able to hear Him speak, less resistant to His Spirit changing us. 

Doing this together corporately as a body gives us strength. We must go from individual people struggling in lonely battles,  to a body together successfully prosecuting a war on our flesh and our enemy. As a body of believers we are inextricably bonded together spiritually. Each of us strengthening ourselves together takes us from being one brick,  to being a powerful wall,  tied together by the mortar of His Spirit. An uncoordinated army,  each one doing his own attack,  may well engage in friendly fire and start attacking each other.  An army carefully fighting in unison is a force to be reckoned with. 

Who is with me? 

James Disciple Johnson 
Natl President & Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club 

September 07, 2014 — James Johnson

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