Everyone keeps asking how they can pray for me. I've always said I've run out of things to pray for because I've received them all. So in the spirit of 1 Chronicles 4:10, I'm enlarging my borders. If you want to pray with me,  here is what you can pray. 

1. An epically strong marriage. 

2. Family. Defined as people in our lives enough such that we could be without the kids for a week or something. Or at least a weekend. I would love my wife to be able to travel with me. 

3. That I be humble, patient and wise, full of the Holy Ghost and power, flowing in the gifts like an Apostle. That I become obedient to what God has asked, that I fast from food from 8am to 4pm every day. So, obedience. 

4. A Street Glide Disciple Show Bike. I'm a Scot so I've never wanted to spend the money on a Harley. Then I rode them all last year, they were nice. My bike would never take me to California let alone Daytona. I'm conserving it so it won't die prematurely. Actually that's my wife's bike, mine is officially dead. But I long to ride rather than fly. It needs to make financial sense and currently it doesn't. I would never pick a bike over my kids. 

5. A $2M business. Last year we did $600k. This would free my wife to quit her job and free me to travel for the club more. It will take diligence and hard work, but mostly revelation on what to put my hand on. And diligence. I've been lazy. 

6. Finally and most importantly: Souls! That people get saved, lives get changed,  marriages get healed, sickness and diseases get cured, people quit drugs, and men become giants. Just because they encountered Disciple. 

Now it's posted, so when we see it happen, we can glorify the one who made it happen.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Pray For Your Leaders  http://disciplecmcblog.blogspot.com/2015/02/pray-for-your-leaders.html

February 13, 2015 — James Johnson

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