I want to take a minute to talk on the Midwest Gathering this past weekend.
It started as a few of getting together with our Ma and inviting folks from the neighboring states to come and fellowship for a day or two and grew into something I never thought imaginable.
I have loved DCMC from the day I found out what it was and watched it grow into a burgeoning group of men with a passion for Christ in their core.
This weekend, which was by no stretch my first, and I can guarantee will be nowhere near my last, was not just an opportunity to see my brothers and bros and share some time together, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but was significantly more on many levels.
But, I want to take you to another side of the club. Anyone who has spent a week end with these folks can tell you that they are the real deal. Not just in ready to ride at a moments notice or travelling to see their brothers and bros way, but there is another side to this club.
In between the Hula hooping, scorpion lollipops, nerf guns, snow angels, and airsoft antics…the real side of DCMC comes out!
These men of God will drop EVERYTHING at a moments notice to pray with you for whatever you need! They will talk with you openly about their own trials and struggles! They will ask you to keep them in prayer! They will call or text you at any hour if they need an ear, and will take your text or call at any hour if you have a need!
Out of the spotlight and away from the crowds I watched men of God pray with a worker in the middle of Wal-Mart and bring her to tears, clothe a homeless man on the street in the cold and fill his little cup with money, lay hands on each other and pray for healing and RECEIVE IT, cry when they hugged because they hadn’t seen each other for a while and ministered to each others spirit, bring some joy to a few workers in at a very busy pizza joint while making an order for 30 pizzas of our own and lighten the mood with levity, engulf a waitress and sing Jesus loves me in the middle of the restaurant, stop making snow angels to pray with a neighbor of the church and who knows what else I didn’t see!
DCMC changes lives! DCMC changes lives on so many levels it’s not even funny! DCMC changes lives when you don’t realize it’s happening! DCMC changes lives that will remain changed long after the weekend has ended and everyone has gone home!
I love this club more than some of you may ever know and I know many feel the same way. It has changed my life and made me a better man. I cried today when my brothers and bros left, but I know Kingdom work was done this weekend and life’s were transformed! I am my brothers keeper! (P.S. Disciple Warhammer…THAT is the kind of club this is!) GOD IS GREAT 888

Prospect Robb Morrison

Prospects Perspective of the Midwest Gathering  http://disciplecmcblog.blogspot.com/2015/02/prospects-perspective-of-midwest.html

February 23, 2015 — James Johnson

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