I've done lots of miles on motorcycles over the years. My first two bikes didn't have odometers, so I don't know how many exactly, but I would guess somewhere around 100,000. I've done a good portion of those miles next to brothers. I've learned the people I wanna spend time with don't really get to know me, and I don't really get to know them when riding next to each other. As wonderful as riding handlebar to handlebar is, and it's wonderful because it forges the deep bond necessary for an MC, the deep relationships I'm looking to build take time in conversations as well. Both have their place.

That's why I don't mind throwing my bike in a trailer, crowding in a crew cab and sharing some time in conversation when we're headed somewhere. I've built up all the street cred I need, what's more important to me is the depth of Christian conversation we have together. It was the 18 hours in the truck together where Warhammer and I cooked up a plan that has helped spread Disciple across the country over the last year. It was 10 hours in the truck together where I learned some of Kenneth Keith incredible testimony. 

Don't get me wrong, we all hate it and feel like losers when we will pass the pack of dudes getting soaked in the freezing cold in the rain and they're headed in the same direction as we are. And I've been that guy plenty of times,  like the six hours coming back from Georgia in 36 degree heavy rain last December in a pack of eight bros. But then on the other hand we have important things that are accomplished when we're in the cab together. So all I'm saying is don't be afraid to throw all the bikes in a trailer and crowd the brothers together to get some bro time. I know how to ride next to my brothers and the value of it, but I also know the importance of conversations that I missed when I am.

We have deep things to discuss.  Disciple isn't all party.  We have testimonies, we have shared problems,  strategic planning, prayer and praise together,  there is a lot of bonding time that has value. And don't forget when we arrive we can be refreshed and ready to roll rather than wiped out and ready to sleep.  That's key when the weekend only lasts 48 hours. So don't buy into some kind of hype that you aren't a man if you trailer to a run with some bros.

August 04, 2014 — James Johnson

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