Here are some guidelines for how supporters and up can post pictures of themselves with a full-patch.

First of all it is a core belief that it's important for us to be able to share cool looking pictures on social media for our followers, and advertise our presence to potential members. Therefore it's intrinsically important that cool looking pictures of us riding in a pack, or various people standing next to us such as supporters and hang around in group pictures, be shared on social media.

There is a prohibition on posting pictures of a patch you haven't earned, but this is more for new supporters not to make their profile picture our back patch.

Accordingly if we take a group picture, a prospect, hang around or supporter in the picture should be able to share the picture on social media, and not be restricted from doing so just because one of us has our patch visible. Remember that we're not a 1% Club and we don't need to always follow their guidelines in everything. It shouldn't be if an old lady takes a picture of the group of us that she can't post it for fear of her husband getting reprimanded, nor should we miss out on the opportunity to share epic or iconic images of our organization like a bunch of Brothers riding in the wind. So here's my direction

1. Feel free to post group pictures of Disciples riding, or standing together.
2. Group pictures are defined as pictures we know you're taking, for instance if a group of us is out riding or staring at a camera, as opposed to sneaking in and taking a picture of a secret meeting, or pictures of us when we aren't looking and didn't authorize it.
3. If you appear in a picture, and a full patch is visible, that's okay to post. Because you appear in the picture.
4. You can share a full patch picture from a full patches page. You're clearly sharing somebody else's post so that's okay to do as opposed to posting as if it's you.
5. A RIP picture of a fallen Disciple with his cut.
6. If a full patch feels a certain picture is inappropriate be gracious in asking for its remove, and explain why as well so it's clear.
7. And of course... No pictures with 1%ers, support gear,  or their support clubs.

Hopefully this helps you, and of course if you ever have questions call your ma!

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

March 18, 2016 — James Johnson

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