The 24 Hour Rule

The Bible is clear and simple. In Matthew 18 it makes a simple and clear rule: if you have a problem with someone, you go to that person. You don't go to anyone else, you don't make it public knowledge, you dont Facebook it, you don't get all the guys you like in your organization on your side first, YOU GO TO THE PERSON,and you win them over.

The 24 hour rule is simple. If you start questioning the motives of or complaining about another person to me, I will stop you. I'll ask you if you have already spoken to them. If you have or if you haven't, I will then tell you that YOU HAVE 24 HOURS to talk to them, and then I'm putting you on front street and telling them everything you just told me.

The only exception, per Matthew 18 is if I am the next level higher in authority, and you already spoke to them as it didn't get resolved.

Your deal is with them, YOU TALK TO THEM. That's how you kill drama. That's how you squash the rumor mill. I don't want to hear your complaints, I'm not gonna be part of the drama machine,  that's not grown up behavior, I want you to talk to them. This goes for lah-dee-dah-dee EVERYBODY in Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club, national officers, presidents, full patches, prospects, hangarounds, supporters, and old ladies too.

Gossip is a sin. Talk is cheap. Insulting others isn't cool. None of that. And if I hear you violated the 24 hour rule I can and will impose consequences and repercussions on you, your ma, your charter boss, whatever I need to do to get the point across. So be notified, tell your son's, tell your charter, and MOST ESPECIALLY tell your old lady because that's quite frankly where I've seen a lot of this junk start. You need to make it CLEAR to everybody everywhere that you do the 24 hour rule cuz your a grown up,and you don't need them drawing you into their trap. We are about mission and ministry, not drama and politics. 

#DramaFreeMC #ThatsHowWeRoll #24HourRule


March 02, 2016 — James Johnson

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