Let's talk about it.  Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club is useless if you are all sunshine and God bless you's around your bros when your soul is rotting.
My goal is to be totally legit here. When I'm on, you'll know it, and be in awe of my walk. When I'm depressed, struggling with my sobriety or any other constant struggle for me, you'll know that too, and be shocked. I consider it honorable to not be fake around you men. The men in my charter know all to well what I'm talking about. They know me, as most do, as a godly man careful to speak with grace. They also know me as a loose angry cannon, swearing, frustration and inner pain on my sleeve. I can do nothing less, honestly is important to me.

I can do the whole church face mask, and hide all my trash, but around the brotherhood, why? How will they talk me off the precipice on the mountain? How will they pray for me on the great dark sea in the midst of javelins and arrows? I get the most out of the brotherhood by just being whoever I am at the moment.

My struggles are dark and deep. My sins have been great and horrible, and are constantly before me. The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is alive and well in my mind. Those who know me best aren't amazed at the consistency of my walk, but by the wild mood swings and radical polar opposite alter egos of James who might show up at any given function.

So please, done be fake ass Christians and hide all your struggles. Carry them in and dump them before the brothers and beg for help and prayer. For sure there is nothing that other men here aren't struggling with. You'll get love, prayer, accountability, and counsel. But you won't get judges and kicked.
This especially goes for you prospects who are moving through the ranks. I'm a rank 1000 faker, and you can't pull the wool over my eyes. Don't play super Christian around me to get your patch. Talk about your struggles and pain if you want my respect. Talk about your sin. Not bragging, but out of repentance.
And that's real talk.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

April 05, 2016 — James Johnson

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