What if its all true? What if you can do all the works that Jesus did, and greater? 

What if you can raise the dead, heal the sick, talk in tongues, call fire down from heaven (when appropriate), and live an abundant blessed life of wealth and riches for you to spend on the Kingdom of God? What if you can tear down strongholds, cast out demons, be slain in the spirit, and Hear the Voice of God? 

What if you could just turn yourself over to God and be free to follow Him? What if you could get visions and dreams from God, and see angels and converse with them? What if ALL the stuff in the Bible that happened both in the Old and New Testament still really happened today, and not believing it when your told was really a sin? 

What if every time you prayed you got an answer, and the answer was able to make it through to you because you were fasting and praying like in Daniel 10, and the answer was brought by mighty angels? 

And what if the only reason it doesnt happen to you now is because you dont believe any of it, dont act on any of it, and you are missing out on the power of God everyday? What if?

October 14, 2013 — James Johnson

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