The biblical position of a set man is outlined below. Although this article is from a church's point of view, you can see the cross meaning of its implementation in the club. Our National Leaders are the Set Men for this club. So when you see James post things like if you don't respect the leadership of this club, you go against Christ, you know what is meant by that.

As a local church/club adopts a concept of church/ club government, its destiny is being shaped. Church/Club government is the channel through which vision flows. God always selects His leaders carefully, equips them, and releases them to accomplish a vision He ordains. Every local church has a destiny to fulfill.

The senior (or lead) pastor is the key leader in God’s leadership structure. His office and ministry may be described as general overseer, presiding elder, first among equals, senior minister, or as Set Man. This last term comes from Numbers 27:16, where the Lord is invited to “set a man” over a congregation. If this leader is truly chosen by God to set vision, make decisions (in partnership with elders), and motivate the congregation, and if the leader faithfully seeks God, then the church’s destiny will be wonderfully realized.

Let’s examine this idea of a “set man” in more detail. Here are some words that describe the set man.

Helmsman. The set man stands as a helmsman in his leadership position to direct and manage the church/club in all areas of spiritual life and vision. He steers the ship according to his God-given gift to lead, his biblical knowledge of the God-given vision, and his proven character. The spiritual advancement of the church/club depends on spiritual leaders who are capable of breaking through obstacles at hand. The set man is key to moving the people of God forward.

Trainer. He has the ability to raise up leaders and work in a team-like manner in order to equip the church/club for its God-given task. When leadership ministries are harnessed by the Holy Spirit to work in cooperation, their effectiveness is multiplied. Recognizing and submitting to each other, they work toward a common goal and truly become a leadership team (see Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). A one-man operation destroys leadership in others. The successful set man finds emerging leaders, trains them, and then works with them in a team.

Key Leader. The set man is a person who should hear from God and give overall direction to the church. While he works in conjunction with a leadership team who gives input on buying property, building programs, choosing staff, or disciplining someone, he is still the leader God has positioned at the front of the pack. God placed Moses at the front of the Israelites, along with a team of prophets, priests, and other wise counselors, but Moses was still the set man. This does not mean that one man can single handedly meet the needs of an entire flock. That is impossible! Nor does ministry reside in one person. Still, God usually speaks to a leader of a congregation to move that church/club or the church’s/ clubs leadership group toward His vision.

The set man position is a crucial one that should be embraced with excitement, enthusiasm, and the confidence that God has set him in that position to lead His people into a new land.

Although there are different levels of Set Men within this club. The National Leadership have been set in place, to guide the overall direction of this club. The state level set man, is a point of contact for his state, because he has shown the knowledge, and reliability, and faithfulness to warrant that respect.

So when we teach to respect our leadership, it's not a tyrannical, dictatorship, way of teaching. It is because they have earned their positions, and have been placed in them by God himself. Disrespecting them, is disrespectful to God.

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What is a Set Man

April 18, 2015 — James Johnson

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