When National comes rolling into your charter, its important to put your big boy pants on. We arrive with 48 hours to teach you the Disciple Way. That means in a very short time, literally everything you may have thought about Disciple might be critiqued, and you might be asked to change: from how you ride in the pack (never ever pass the front left bike), to how you introduce yourself, to how you talk (cussing is not appropriate), to how you drink alcohol in front of me (dont ever ever do that), to the location of your patches.

If you take offense to things easily, you will not learn the lessons you are being taught. You will wonder why we are so militant. You will eventually leave the club saying we take things way to seriously. The truth is, its because we want you to look good, but more importantly, we want you not to look like a fool when you are in front of the other charters, or even 1%ers.

So, be sure to have your antenna up, listen closely, answer honestly, don't attempt to BS us, learn quickly, and for goodness sake be diligent, polite and calm as you are being taught. Because we are looking to excise pride and anger issues, and they will become the focus of the weekend.

April 18, 2016 — James Johnson

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