This is a story about the sisters in the motorcycle clubs. Once upon a time I was an young single Enforcer who may or may not have been at war with another motorcycle club. I knew the Warlord who was my counterpart in that club, and his ol' lady. When the war was over we became great friends. One day he and I were shooting pool in my clubhouse when I realized that the dandruff I was scratching out of my hair onto the black felt of the pool table was crawling around. He proclaimed that I had a bad case of lice, no surprise since I was a filthy dirty long haired biker. "Brother," he declared, "you're either gonna have to shave that hair off, or let my ol' lady take care of that." So he made a call to her and we hopped on our motorcycles for the short ride to their place. She met us at the door with a trash bag. "Strip!" she commanded and I did, placing my filthy clothes in her trash bag. "Underwear too." I guess I looked uncomfortable and her old man laughed at me and told me I better do what she says.

She washed my clothes, sent me I to the shower with a bottle of lice soap, then spent the next few hours with a nit comb working on my head. She was the old biker mama type who had raised kids, her own and otherwise, and none of this was new to her.

This simple act of motherly kindness has burned brightly in my memory for decades now. I was a lost young soul with no woman, no family, nothing but a Harley. Even though they were in a different club, they took care of me, and I even lived in their house for a while. Now I don't expect your lady to see me naked, shower me or handle my lice, it's an illustration of an extreme act of service. But I do have a question. 

How is your lady involved? Is she here to help, or gossip. Is she selfless and giving or is she bitter for anything she's called on to do? Does she show up to sow into the event or is she there to sell Amway to the other ladies? Are you teaching her the selfless values of service and ministry we envision and live? Are you communicating that there is a place and a part for her too? Or is this your club, and she's not really welcome? Does she know the hurt and pain the women in the clubhouse have been through? Is she equipped to pray over them on the spot like you would for their old man? Are you equipping and preparing her? Would she pull lice our of a brothers hair? From another club? Does she understand what a great role the gentle kindness of a gracious woman can play, or is she nervously hanging around he edges because you haven't given her direction?

I've seen big differences in the charters. I've seen charters where the women don't show up at all,  and charters where the women are engaged, out riding with us, manning the prayer tent (or maybe womanning it?), out in the clubhouses, engaging me in conversation when I'm in town, asking me the questions they always wanted to know about the club, telling me tearfully their husbands testimony, feeding us, and furthering the mission.

What are you doing to let her know how important she is to the mission?

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

May 10, 2016 — James Johnson

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