Let me be clear.  A prospect is not a punk. This is not a fraternity. A prospect is not to be 'seen and not heard'. I don't want prospects being fake and humble and quiet, then get their rag and cut loose, and it's like 'who is this guy?'

I treat a prospect just like I treat a brother, it's no different. If a prospect needs to be taught, I'll do that. But the same goes for a brother, a state president, a national officer, and yes even me. I don't have some special aura toward prospects. If a prospect is a solid man, I don't have to work on him to change his behavior. If a prospect is immature, or has anger and pride issues, he's gonna get it. It's gonna be a tough road for him until he becomes reachable, teachable.

Act like yourself. Be a Disciple. Be who you are gonna be when you get a patch. Don't be all meek and mild then get your patch and be real. Don't be a fake. I can't stand a fake.

If you get challenged, if you are questioned for being out of line then listen, do surgery, and CUT THAT PART OFF. Don't go into being a full patch with the same dumb habits you had when you come here. Yes, we will expect some changes in you, not just hiding behavior, but changing it.

The patch doesn't make the man. You're not a punk because you wear a prospect patch. You are here to SHOW US WHO YOU REALLY ARE. If you change when you get the patch, I'm gonna take that patch right back, trust me.

Yes a prospect should be respectful. But then a full patch should be respectful too. A prospect should serve and learn a servants heart. But then being a full patch is about ministry, and the word ministry means service. The more you do in this club, the more service you do. Being a leader is all about humility and service. The first shall be last, and servant of all. Prospects fetch water and red bull, full patches teach life lessons. It's all service,and you're supposed to pick up that lifestyle as a prospect.

Full patches: you are to be honorable and kind to prospects. Can we be tough and harsh when the circumstances demand it? Of course, but humility and honor come first. No one can yell at a prospect louder than I can, but then that prospect also has had me be kind and friendly to him as well. If they don't see you as kind and godly, all the yelling in the world will just make them lose respect for you. But when they see your servants heart they will long to follow you to the gates of hell.

Take initiative men. Exercise humility, leadership, responsibility, grace, strength and kindness. Be known for being prompt and manly. But don't be a punk, don't be punked, and don't be fake. You better not change one iota when you get your patch. You know...if you ever get a patch.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

March 19, 2016 — James Johnson

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