God is capable of moving the mighty Mississippi a mile from its current riverbed, and does that at times. He's also capable of moving me, or anyone else, anywhere he wants us. He can change the heart of a king, or any leader, at the snap of his fingers. So don't get hung up, raging at a king. Check yourself, or check with God...not learning what He is trying to teach you is going to be a humbling and miserable experience. Having a stiff neck toward a king in your life whether it's the president or your boss, isn't going to make you grow, it's just going to chafe at you till you bleed, and everyone will be sitting there wondering why you are bleeding.
It's undoubtedly true that God is always subtly trying to change you, mold you as a potter molds clay. Are you moldable, teachable, listening? Or are you fighting against what He trying to teach you? 

March 21, 2016 — James Johnson

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