Yesterday, July 31st 2009, I printed the first draft of the Disciple CMC patch, creating the Motorcycle Club that i have envisioned for some time now. When i was part of an outlaw club in Detroit, i found a brotherhood that understood my way of life, my longing for the road, and my love of the motorcycle. I also found a whole lot of other stuff that i hadnt bargained for.

After turning my life back over to Christ, there was a period of years where it was not appropriate for me to have a motorcycle, when i might have abused the priviledge of riding, or might have ridden to the wrong places. Now that my life is stable, I have a motorcycle again.

And I am going to ride with a club.

Not an association, not a ministry, not a group. Nothing wrong with any of those things, they are all good, and all have a place. My place is in an outlaw club. With rules, structure, requirements and colors. One dedicated to the 1% philosophy: Ride to Live, Live to Ride. Except my outlaw
philosophy is:

Ride to Live, Live for Jesus.

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