Man, I had forgotten what it means to wear a patch on my back. It was so many years ago that i earned a patch. A patch, even a prospect patch, is not something that is given lightly, to anyone who wants one. You have to know whose hanging your name on their back, that they not fail you, disgrace your club, or worse.

Before you read any further, i want you to read the entire website about Motorcycle Club Rules. Better to read and learn, than learn the hard way.

See, hanging a patch on your back makes you a target. The Cops are sure going to look at your closer, because they monitor the clubs, and often know more about the goings on in the biker world than the average biker does. There's everyone out there that doesn't like Bikers, or has an axe to grind. And there are other clubs, who have rules, and you better know what the rules are, so you don't go disrespecting them. In our world, say the wrong thing to the wrong person, wear the wrong patch in the wrong place, and you will pay a price. There are just different rules out there, many whom went before, and paved the way.

A Club is different than many organizations, ministries, groups etc. Not everyone gets to wear my patch. I earned this patch, and my family doesn't get to wear it. Not everyone who asks for this patch can even prospect for it. This Club is a lifestyle, a way of living, and its not for everyone. You need to be here, this is a brotherhood, a family. If you don't need that, then you can't commit to it. And this isnt for you.

This is for the hardcore. The dedicated. The Believer in Jesus. The constant rider. You have something to live up to, people to look up to, a team. a Brotherhood. A Motorcycle has to be in your blood, your face in the wind, your commitment to your God, your brothers, your colors, and your motorcycle, have to be ingrained in you. In that order.

Now, some might ask, "What is a CMC?"

Well it turns out i should have known better than to wear a 1% patch...i know i wouldn't fly an MC patch without getting the proper approvals. But after consulting the local 1% club, it turns out we can be a CMC, Christian Motorcycle Club.
And thats what we are, a CMC.
We Ride, we Respect, we Live For Jesus.
And we are growing, fast.
Like a true club, we enforce a lot of rules, some about how we are allowed to ride in the pack, some about standing up for the club, and some about Bible Study. Trust me, break the rules and you will be a Prospect, again. You will have to earn your patch, again.

We are Men of God. We have Flaws. We are committed to being a DISCIPLE of Christ.

So come out and ride with us. Experience the world we walk in, ride in.

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October 23, 2009 — James Johnson

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