We are about to be hit with significant growth across the country and the globe. God is speakin to me that to be prepared for this, our discipling of men needs to become more focused and purposeful, and that our support of men in 1% clubs needs not only to be entering into their environment where the evil spirits rule, but also bringing them into a safe and friendly environment full of the Holy Spirit where they can have an encounter with Father. Specifically God is speaking that he is raising up men and training some men in this club so they can begin pouring into other men at a new and powerful level.

There are three cities specifically where I feel God is giving us an open door this year, and leading us to provide something that doesn't currently exist, filling a gap in the MC community. This year I believe obedience to His leading includes creating a basic handbook, and releasing men to minister in the following way:

Disciples Way Christian Coffehouse
Columbia, SC Knoxville, TN Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

A place for those rejected by religion, worshipping the Father

Some people don't go to church because they feel like if they walk into church they might get struck by lightning. Sometimes these people have been rejected by religion because of the way they look, the way they talk, or the way they dress. Sometimes judgemental Christians have driven them out of church, sometimes what's being preached doesn't speak to their situation. Sometimes they're under so much attack that the average pew warmer would never understand them.

Very often these people suffer from addiction, unforgiveness, depression, and generational curses. Often they have such a tough exterior because they're trying to protect themselves. Protect them selves from the hurt that happened to them when they were young, the rejection they suffered, the lack of parental figures.

Isaiah 61 says the Lord has anointed us to heal the brokenhearted, and release prisoners. He's giving us a chance to break these bonds through teaching what the Word of God has to say about freedom, forgiveness and love.


The goal is to structure these meetings to start with a 30-45 minutes of recorded worship music. Encourage people physically engage and abandon themselves in worship, not sit back and watch. Standing, moving with the music, following the scripture about lifting holy hands in prayer, these should be encouraged. Encourage people to release the weights they walked into the room with, to release forgiveness, to allow God to work in them. An area should be provided for positions of submission, whether it's face down, a bended knee, and people should be encouraged and taught why we take positions of submission before the Father. Dancing before the Lord should be encouraged, dancing like David danced, engaging whole being in worshiping God, leaving everything at the altar. During this time a designated prayer warrior should move through the group praying for people and anointing them with oil as the Spirit leads, as indicated in James 5.

The church fails when it makes worship a spectator event with people sitting watching the musicians perform. The goal is to say the words themselves, to enter into worshipping the Father.


Word time should also be about 30-45 minutes. The goal of this fellowship is to teach people practical tools to use in order to overcome the things they are struggling with. This can be accomplished through teaching the Four Legs, forgiveness, and a focus on a life that pleases God through sowing to the Spirit and overcoming the flesh. A weekly blog will be provided with bullet points for teachers to study.


At least once a month through careful prayer and consideration another ministry should be encouraged to send a speaker.


Afterwards the moderator should offer prayer for those who feel they have burdens to leave at the altar. Worship time should be continued while this happens, until everyone who feels they need prayer has received it.


Finally 30-45 minutes of hang out time should be announced, where refreshments are provided. People should be encouraged to talk about the Word for the week, what God was saying to them, and the Four Questions.

Disciples Way Christian Coffehouse  http://disciplecmcblog.blogspot.com/2015/03/disciples-way-christian-coffehouse.html

March 29, 2015 — James Johnson

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