Fasting for the Family

Marriages and families are under attack in the club. No wonder, the marriage is the key building block of the church.  Without our families believing in our ministry there is no ministry. If we aren't men of God at home we can't go out pretending to be men of God. So after a suggestion from my wife,  and prayer about what the ground rules are, to combat this oppression we are calling a fast for the Family.

1. Three day fast, starting 6am Thursday April 2, the fast ends easter Sunday morning at 6am.
2. The fast is for husband and wife. 
3. No food from 12pm noon until 6am, water only.
4. No media during that time, TV, Internet, Facebook, phone,  iPad, club calls etc. 
5. No sex. 1 Cor 7:5 specifically 
6. Devote yourself to family quality time during these hours. Do a family Bible study. 
7. Kids old enough to participate may be encouraged to skip an evening meal. Everyone in the household skips media (unless required for work/school but strictly limited). 
8. If you are participating in another fasting schedule, you may continue it,  or choose this fast instead for these three days.

Isa 58 describes fasting as not only giving something up, but also doing godly things during that time. This fast is aimed at the evening hours where you will be with your family. Pour into them. Be kind,  sweet,  caring,  be an awesome parent or spouse. Be thoughtful. Become the parent and spouse you are supposed to be. If your spouse will not fast with you,  do it anyway. 

Isa 58 also describes the benefits of fasting. This fast will break the enemies bonds in your marriage and family. It will undo yokes of oppression that bind your family. Forgiveness will spring forth speedily in your family. Righteousness will rise like the dawn of day in your family. The glory of the Lord will guard your family. A renewed fire and passion will be felt. God is going to restore the joy you once had. God will make all things new.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Fasting for the Family

March 31, 2015 — James Johnson

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