Prophecy at its essence is speaking words that bring other people closer to Christ. I'm blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of men who challenge me on a regular basis. Who is speaking into your life? Who's there to challenge you when you get off track? Are you listening, or at least giving prayerful consideration to prophecy? Being in church is important, but it's important to have godly people who know your struggles, and aren't afraid to biblically get in your business.

Each man does what he thinks is right, but sometimes we need people to put us in our place, lovingly, spiritually, biblically. Sometimes we get off, and we need people to help us get back on track. Men who can see us past our church face, and question us because they know we haven't been in the word, just from hearing us talk. 

And honestly if our prayer time wasn't so much about barraging the throne with our requests, and was more about silent time to listen to the Holy Spirit, we wouldn't need prophetic people in our lives. Thanks be to God that there are people who are not only listening for themselves, but listening to what the Spirit is telling them about us. People who are willing to stand up and take the flak they get when they challenge others spiritually. 

Prophetic speech follows the flow of the Holy Spirit, it's not condemnation and criticism, it's not judgemental, its loving, caring, gentle, patient, and convicting. It's carefully presented. Think of how God spoke in the garden, he didn't come running down with a stick and start demanding to know why they had broken the rules. He simply asked 'where are you?'

If you feel that God is giving you a word for someone, be careful. Consider how to speak to them perfectly. Consider how to deliver the message so that they will most benefit from it. Consider the timing, and your tone. But most importantly make sure that you're in line with Scripture, and that you've clearly heard from God. Prophecy isn't negative or hateful speech, its loving speech spoken to bring people into the fold, into repentance, closer into the arms of our loving Saviour. 

If you receive a prophetic word, or if someone comes to you out of love with a biblical concern, carefully weigh and consider what they're saying. Not everything a Christian says is biblically sound or correct. However we have a responsibility to God to at least go to him and compare notes, and humbly check our selves. If what they are saying is off, you will know. Be gentle in correcting them. If what they are saying is on, it's time to take action. Thank them for the word and let them know the Holy Spirit has confirmed it, even if that takes a while.

Prophecy has become a lost gift, because we so often bristle with anger when anybody corrects us. It can be a very difficult life for somebody with a prophetic gift, seeing what God is showing them, but being afraid to step up and speak it. However we must hone our gifts,  and use hem as the Father directs. Even when it's hard... 

Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.  1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 NASB

James Disciple Johnson 

Natl President and Founder 

Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club 

Do Not Despise Prophetic Utterances

January 16, 2015 — James Johnson

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