Ignore critical negative people. Even if they quote scripture and try to sound hyper spiritual. The Holy Spirit of Truth isn't critical. He uses conviction, but never derision. When you hear that,  you are hearing the enemy, speaking through someone who doesn't even know they are his mouthpiece. Ignore them and they will fade away.

You will know them by their fruits, and the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, long-suffering etc. Not anger derision criticism condemnation, fault findng, offense, annoyance. That's a spirit operating in those people too, and you can rebuke it. But don't get into it with them them, or it will jump off on you. Love them, pray for them, and realize they are hurting.

You need to save this post. When you start getting into online arguments,  come back and read it.  You aren't struggling with flesh and blood,  it's not that person. It's powers,  principalities, powers, spiritual warfare.  Proceed accordingly, with prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost.

These people are suffering. Shame would rather point out your faults than face it's own. Critical spirits criticise themselves worse than they do you, it's just an overflow of their pain when they come after you. Fault finding spirits have magnifies their own faults and are under the constant condemnation of the enemy, they are just repeating what's going on in their head when they start condemning you. Theives always suspect someone is stealing from them, liars think you are lying to them, name callers call you the names they've labelled themselves, fault finders live in a big hole of misery.

You have the light.  You know the Way,  the Truth,  the Life. Don't be brought down by the darkness,  rather shine light,  love and kindness.  When you feel your ire rise, it's time to pray for them.

Why I Ignore Critical Negative People http://disciplecmcblog.blogspot.com/2015/01/why-i-ignore-critical-negative-people.html

January 15, 2015 — James Johnson

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