As a former Enforcer in the 1% motorcycle club world, I'm unimpressed by men who stick their chest out and try to look like Billy Bad Guy because they have a patch on. Especially when the patch is a Christian patch. We have actually seen other Christian organizations like CMC or MM try to intimidate us as we start Disciple Christian MC charters across the country. Like they are going to pull our patches or something. Having (allegedly) put guns in peoples faces and pulled their patches and shut down their clubs long ago in my past, I laugh at such notions. I've been around the 1% clubs most of my life, and having been offered patches by three of them, I've seen enough to know that a real tough guy doesn't stick his chest out and act tough. He just is.

As Christians, our job isnt pulling patches if we don't agree with the doctrine of some other MM. What a laugh. Our job isn't to stick our chest out, jut our chin up high, and try to crush the other guys handshake. Its to "Love one another, even as I have loved you." (Jesus).

There must be no disunity between believers. No grudges. No unforgiveness. If that's you, then you need take it to the cross and leave it there. Release and forgive all men in Jesus name. If you can't forgive your brother, the Father can't forgive you.

Hey, you might have a bad day, be in pain, whatever. Everyday as a Christian isn't a bed of roses. But if your not doing drugs, living a violent life, you shouldn't have a sour face all the time. The joy of Jesus brings a smile! We are supposed to be a shining light!

If you don't have any joy to sell, if you don't have any hope to deal, its time to hang your patch up and go back to God until you do.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President & Founder
Disciple Christian MC

January 31, 2014 — James Johnson

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