Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club realizes that many of its members come from a lifestyle that included the use of harmful substances like tobacco, drugs and alcohol in the past. As Christians we strongly believe that drugs are out of line completely with a holy lifestyle, and as a disciple we agree not to ever use illicit drugs. Further, we recognize that alcohol and tobacco are not helpful to our witness, may cause a brother to stumble, are unhealthy, and we do not allow the use of alcohol or tobacco while representing the club in your cut, or soft colors. We do recognize the freedom of believers to make a personal choice in the privacy of their own homes when they are out of the cut or soft colors, on alcohol and tobacco.

In order to help the brothers who wish to live a drug free life style, we have established a drug free leadership on a national and state level.

To recognize any full patch member who has been a previous drug and/or tobacco user, and is now drug free for a minimum of 90 days, a 1x4 inch DRUG FREE patch is earned. Should a member fail in this area of their life by using drugs or tobacco, this patch must be cut off for 90 days, and notify their Charter and State Nazarite for free counseling and prayer. According to the American Heart Association, the "nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break." The pharmacological and behavioral characteristics that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Any DRUG FREE member with six months clean and sober can take the 43 Nazarite fast, shown below, to earn the 43 Nazarite 1x4 patch. Fasting is the time of prayer between a man and God. While it may be that the requirements of the Nazarite fast have no implications on your status as a Christian, we believe that dedicating this fast to God is a way of showing that you take the drug free life style seriously. Additionally, to wear this patch, one must take a solemn vow before God to abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs, for life, in the presence of an existing Nazarite patch holder. While Disciple recognizes that many members may not use drugs alcohol or tobacco, these patches are designated for those who have struggled with and overcome these addictions. Should a member fail in this area of their life, this patch must be cut off for 90 days, and notify their Charter and State Nazarite for free counseling and prayer. 

43 NAZARITE Officers
Any 43 Nazarite patch holder may be considered for a Nazarite leadership position, on a charter, state or national level. These leadership positions function as a local Disciple sponsor for men who are struggling with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or other types of addiction. Charter level 43 Nazarites answer to state 43 Nazarite leadership, who answer to national leadership. Individualized training is provided for these positions. The position names for these are: CHARTER NAZARITE, STATE NAZARITE, NATL NAZARITE.

43 NAZIRITE FAST: minimum of 30 days, duration is ‘as the Lord leads you’. Special exemptions may be made by the National Nazarite.

1. Make a formal swearing of an oath of service to God [Numbers 6:2] to abstain for life from Alcohol, Nicotine/Tobacco, and Illicit Drugs

2. Abstain from drinking wine and fermented liquor, including vinegar derived from either wine or any fermented liquor, and will abstain from eating grapes fresh or dried or eat anything that comes from the vine [Numbers 6:3-4].

3. Let his hair grown uncut for the length of the vow [Numbers 6:5] (this does not necessarily include the beard but may by choice)

4. For the entire period of the vow he must not come in contact with a (human) corpse.  He is to remain ritually clean and cannot defile his ritual cleanliness even in the event a parent or sibling dies [Numbers 6:7].

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