The leadership in this club are amazing. I'm so proud of each of them, from the national leadership down through the states, what a great bunch of guys. But our club is suffering from a lack of leadership. We have a great national leadership structure, and the established charters have great Presidents. But we have about 20 charters who don't have a president elected and need guidance. These are the support charters, the guys who are prospects or below, who are going through the difficult steps of navigating their way through the 1% world often for the first time. These are the men who need leadership. These are the men who need guidance.

What are you doing to help out? We have one established charter in Canada and 6 more working the process. Awesome as the Canada guys are, there's no way they can cover that much territory with a handful of full patch members. California is established, but each county is like a new state, and sometimes these guys are 8 hours apart. What are you doing to help out? What are you doing to teach and mentor these men!?

Brazil, the UK, the EU, France, South Africa, Australia, all these areas have supporters, and we haven't reached out enough and taken them under our wings. There is so much left to be done, so much left on the table, the fields are white, the laborers are few.

Are you fasting and praying for these men? Are you in the word and prayer time daily? Are you giving? Are you worshipping God with praise and worship music? Are you walking out the diligent steps to cut addictions out of your life? There are men around the world depending on you! God didn't save you so that you could get to heaven, he saved you to give you a mission to change the lives of men!

Get moving men! Stop focusing on your own piddly problems. Yes there are problems in life But you have the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, he resides inside of you! You are more than a conqueror, you're an overcomer! The devil wants to keep you so focused on your little problems, that you don't think about mentoring and being there for men who are coming up around the globe for the Disciple Christian motorcycle club. Be the light that shines! Be the salt of the earth! Be a man of God! Reach out! Don't miss out on what God is doing!

James Disciple Johnson 

Natl President and Founder 

Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club 

Leaders Needed

March 13, 2015 — James Johnson

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