The Awesome Spiritual Skillset

A Drill Sgt was telling me how week one they intimidate the new recruits so they will listen. Then they show the recruits their awesome skillset, how they can shoot straighter, run farther, wrestle better, do more push-ups. Then they teach and mentor them how to have the awesome skillset. 

Because if you want to teach and mentor men, first you have to be the real deal and already have the awesome skillset they want. No one wants to follow you if you can't do it better than them.

DCMC is much the same way as the army. New prospects often come to us intimidated.  They respect our godly stance on things, they have to learn tight formation pack riding, prospecting in itself is intimidating. We are a bunch of intimidating looking dudes. 

But what is our awesome spiritual skillset? What are we going to wow them with? What are they going to want to learn from us? Can we shoot straighter and run further? Here is what I think our awesome spiritual skillset should be:

1. We READ the Word and PRAY on it, daily. Most of Christianity doesn't do that. This is already going to make us drastically different. Men who are in the Word have the Word in them, and it comes out of them, overflowing out of their mouths. 

2. We don't talk about stupid stuff.  Guard your speech men. Don't talk about worthless things. We don't criticize and cut down, we encourage and build up. Quit cussing and swearing,  you're not a dumb brute kid anymore. 

3. We pursue righteousness. We reject addictions, fleshly pleasures and worldly things. Yes,  my flesh loves cigars, no I don't smoke them. Yes I would like to eat today, but I'm fasting. I'm busy trying to please God not give my flesh every little thing it desires. He who sows to the flesh reaps corruption, he who sows to the Spirit reaps eternal life. 

4. We seek to speak Holy Spirit words into people's lives. We don't just stand around waiting words, flapping our jaws about how awesome we are and what's going on in our lives. We actively listen to others,  and pray about how to respond. We seek to encourage, edify, strengthen and empower men using WORDS. 

5. We speak about what God is doing and our blessings. We don't stand around and have pity party negative sessions griping about how bad work, weather, and wives are.  We are joyful positive and loving. And that's the opposite of the rest of the world right there. 

6. We go out of our way to welcome, embrace and accept new guys and introduce them around. We don't act all cool and ignore them till they bow before us. We mentor them and teach them. 

7. We operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit like Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Discernment of Spirits. So when we speak into men's lives we are bringing the Power of God and Truth, rather than just our own opinions and ideas. We are full of the Holy Ghost and power. 

8. We have clean hands and a pure heart.  We confess our sins and abandon them.  We partake in holy fasting and prayer, we spend time in worship. When men see us they see the power of Jesus, they see the countenance of one who has just been to the Those of Grace, not just another guy. 

9. We respect the temple. Our bodies are not our own. We don't eat a bunch of junk. We exercise. No on respects a slob, so we exert physical discipline. We get in the gym, and we take care of what God has give  us. 

Are you lacking in these things? Are you the man I'm describing? Do you have an awesome spiritual skillset? Are you a cut above the average pew warmer? When men see you do the see Jesus? Is your speech full of the Holy Ghost and power? Do men hear you speak and say "Wow, now THATS a man of God?" Will men long to be like you,  and have that same connection with the Father? 

You can't fake any of this stuff. Only daily word and prayer time, a lifestyle of fasting,  worship and giving can do it.  Change comes from the inside. So lets get after it men. Be legendary. Be the legend of the 888. No compromise. No excuses.  No lagging behind. Be excellent.  Be diligent. Be a Disciple. 

James Disciple Johnson 
Natl President and Founder 
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

The Awesome Spiritual Skillset

March 15, 2015 — James Johnson

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