Mission Statement: To Disciple men to have a daily Word and Prayer time, and to support the 1% world in prayer.

DANG!!! Won’t James just shut up about the rebel flag already? Yes, I will (mostly). God has released me to stop, just like He released me to go. I get it, not all of you share my views, and many of you have shared them on your personal page, just as I have shared mine on my personal page. But now at least, you are aware that we have black bros in the club, and we will and must respect their views as they respect ours. We agree to disagree, but we don’t call people uneducated because they have different doctrine than us (baptist, catholic, pentacostal), or because they have different experiences and worldview.

And finally I ask, do we as an organization support diversity of race? The answer is YES. We accept all men regardless of race. We should be proud of that, because many (but not all) so called Christian organizations are as segregated as can be.

So what are we doing to promote ethnic diversity? Such a concept must be intentional because it doesn’t happen by accident. Wrong or right, many people of color see a gnarly looking spiked and bearded brotherhood like us and assume, based on how they were treated by others who look like us, that they are not welcome here.

Are we here for only white 1% clubs, or all 1% clubs? Are we actively pursuing going to motorcycle functions where only or mostly black people will be? When was the last time we rolled into a black 1% club? Are we aware, cognizant and sensitive to the fact that people of color may see us as unfriendly? Do we go out of our way to cross that line? Here in South Carolina the race wars are happening, blacks and whites in street fights over a flag. Blacks almost always surprised, and do a double take when I make a point of opening a door or smile at them. A smile can go a long way. There is a dialog here to be had with the black bros in our club, and the issue of a symbol, a flag, that means SO MUCH to so many is an open door to begin it.

So lets begin by honoring Gods decision to have different pigments on people. Lets get out to some events and show we consider African Americans to be equal too. Hmm, Im preaching to myself here.

James Disciple Johnson
National President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

July 06, 2015 — James Johnson

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