Godly Man Card - Spiritual Coaching Program


You lift weights to grow strong physically. You study to gain knowledge. But how do you gain spiritual strength??


The Godly Man Card program is an intensive four week personal coaching program, designed to inspire developing your own spiritual growth ladder!!

Perform a spiritual check up, review your spiritual history, talk about what you know, what you want to learn, and suggestions for personalized study in the future!!

As well we look at your denominational history, spiritual trauma you’ve been through, generational family history, and releasing the things that are holding you back from your potential!

People say that this class opens up their eyes to where they are spiritually, and gives them areas of spiritual improvement to focus on.

This class includes four hours of personalized  coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.


James Disciple Johnson was raised as a pastors son, studied at Cedarville University, and Rhema Bible School. James was ordained as a Pastor by Zion Hopewell Full Gospel, Gilbert, South Carolina, in 2015.

James has been involved in international missions work since the age of 14, has owned several companies, and founded Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club in 2009. He is married to Armella Harmony Shivers, and has a daughter and two sons.



When you sign up for the GODLY MAN CARD, you will be asked to schedule a weekly time for you to focus on learning, four weeks in a row, the same time every week. This will be our personal spiritual coaching session.

Additionally, you will be asked to complete one hour of self-assessment homework each week based on the worksheet questions you are given weekly.

Lastly  will be given suggested reading based on your spiritual  interests and areas you want to learn.

Each week has a different focus, and a list of questions that you will be sent in advance. Please take up to an hour to answer these questions, meditate and pray over them, and give in-depth open ended answers. This helps us tailor the course exactly to your needs.

WEEK 1: Your Spiritual History. 

In week one, we focus on questions about the development of your spiritual faith. Where you come from in the world, what denomination your parents were, what exposure you had to faith and how you formulated your set of Christian beliefs.

Believe it or not, this can differ wildly between Christians. And it gives us a basis to understand where you’ve been, so we can focus on where you want to go. We can also help you answer questions that have held back your understanding of faith.

WEEK 2: Your Spiritual Growth Path 

In week two, we focus on your path to spiritual growth. What are you doing to become more deeply spiritual? In what areas do you need to study the Bible, to understand your faith better?

We also look at strategies for deepening your understanding of spiritual concepts, and using spiritual tools. Sometimes there are things that we already know that need to be added to our list, to achieve spiritual success.

WEEK 3: Prepared to Serve 

your faith isn’t for you alone. It’s good for you to deep in your faith, and your personal relationship with God. But your faith should change the world.

How you interact with the world, how do you see the superpowers that reside inside of you, how you understand the power of intercessory prayer, can change other peoples lives.

We look at the barriers to service, and ask the question, are you qualified??

WEEK 4: Deepening Spiritual Wisdom 

Proverbs is constantly talking about getting wisdom. The book of James says to ask for wisdom. So what is wisdom? How do we get it? How do we walk in it? What do the scriptures say about the path we should be walking on?

Wisdom is what makes others listen to us. Wisdom is what makes us listen to the voice of God. Wisdom is what brings us success in every area. oddly enough, in all my years in the church, and higher learning institutions, I’ve never heard of a class on how to find wisdom.

No problem family, I got you!



The basics of what people need, in order to follow. We take an in-depth look at the psychology and motivations behind building excellent leadership skills.

We look at the specific reasons that you want to be a leader, and how to make sure your heart is in the right place. We target your specific areas that will bring you confidence in front of people.

This class includes four hours of personalized coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.


The Bible lists 21 different spiritual gifts, and there are many more! Learn to identify, study, and operate in, the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

God left us specific instructions, and a toolbox, for doing supernatural works on his behalf! We have to study them, and understand them, to operate them the way he intended, to unify and heal the church.

This class includes four hours of personalized coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.


There's a huge difference between religion and spirituality. One is about rules, and one is about relationship.

Spiritual people are immediately discernible and different from religious people. So how do you become spiritual?

How do we exude the calm authority, and peace, that comes with true faith? How do we overcome the fear, anxiety, and gossip, that go with a religious mindset?

This class includes four hours of personalized coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.


How to study the Bible!

This is a college level Christian theology course. Learn how to break down the Greek and Hebrew, read concordances, perform topical studies, and delve into the depth of the Bible!

This class includes four hours of personalized coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.


The word pastor comes from the word shepherd. Minister means servant. We must learn how to shepherd and serve people effectively.

We go over basic counseling techniques. We talk about how to read what people are feeling, versus what they’re saying.

This is the class I wish somebody had taught me before I became a pastor! If you are pursuing ordination as a pastor, this is the class for you!

This class includes four hours of personalized coaching, and four hours of homework, over four weeks.