Let the world know, you’re putting a target on the devil!

A spiritual Warrior is someone who has decided to step up, and recognize the spiritual realm. Let the world know that you have faith, tenacity, and you’re ready to stand up and fight for others! Spiritual warfare is fasting and prayer, spreading the word of God, intercession and prayer for others.

And if that’s what you’re doing, then you’re a spiritual Warrior! Our spiritual warfare shirt is a comfortable cotton T-shirt, pre-shrunk so you can trust your size.I’m all XXL and larger shirts.

We offer a tall option for those who are a concealed carrier. These shirts are printed with a spiritual warrior graphic on the front, to let the devil know he’s in your crosshairs!

The back contains a spiritual warfare, battle flag, with the Jerusalem cross, and the sword of the spirit! Learn more about the global spiritual warfare conference held annually in Dallas, TX and other locations around the world by visiting www.GSWARCON.com