Are you looking for a Christian Motorcycle Club? Are you looking for a legit MC that respects the Old School traditions established by the 1% world, but in a way that is centered on Christ and Biblical brotherhood? Look no further, you have found Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club! We've perfected the mix of Christ and old school MC tradition!

Disciples believe that to be in a true MC, you must hang around the brothers, participate in the club over a period of time as a Prospect, and earn your patches from your brothers one at a time as you come to love and respect them. If you ride to live, live for Jesus, and want brothers who hold you accountable to the Christian lifestyle, contact us for more information about joining.

Our mission is to Disciple men to have a daily Word and prayer time, and support the 1% world in prayer.

About Us

Disciple Christian MC

At Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club, we hear from men
that are tired of sitting on the Spiritual sidelines. Christian men that
want to further their walk with God, love motorcycles and have a heart
for the biker community.

Our calling is simple: we are here to disciple men to have a
daily word and prayer time and to support the one percent world with prayer. That means to be closer to God, having brothers who help you get there, and having a unique ability to speak into the lives men in the old school motorcycle clubs.