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    By James Johnson on 2009-12-01

    Are you looking for a Christian Motorcycle Club? Are you looking for a legit MC, who respects the Old School traditions established by the 1% world, but in a way that is centered on Christ and Biblical brotherhood? Look no further, you have found Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club! We call that mix of Christ and Old School 1%MC tradition the 2% lifestyle. I was told once that a Christian reasearch...

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    What It Means To Earn It

    Man, I had forgotten what it means to wear a patch on my back. It was so many years ago that i earned a patch. A patch, even a prospect patch, is not something that is given lightly, to anyone who wants one. You have to know whose hanging your name on their back, that they not fail you, disgrace your club, or worse.

    Before you read any further, i want you to read the entire website about Motorcycl...

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    DISCIPLE MC Has Been Founded

    Yesterday, July 31st 2009, I printed the first draft of the Disciple CMC patch, creating the Motorcycle Club that i have envisioned for some time now. When i was part of an outlaw club in Detroit, i found a brotherhood that understood my way of life, my longing for the road, and my love of the motorcycle. I also found a whole lot of other stuff that i hadnt bargained for.

    After turning my life back...

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